we believe in cooperations based on mutual sympathy and appreciation.

talented people, working together.

strategy is about choices, you can't be everything to everyone.

We believe: If you want to be successful today and tomorrow, you have to keep moving, try out new things every day and break new ground with courage and optimism. Developing smart communication/marketing strategies requires a strong sense for market trends & dynamics. It defines the way how brands and businesses build relationships with their audiences in a constantly changing environment.

• Optimization of social channels
• Social Media strategies and creative concepts
• Campaigning / Ads

Analyse, listen and understand your customers!
Plan smart and maximize content usage.
Again: Listen & analyze.
React & optimize.

Connecting creative concepts and ideas with a solid business strategy to a verbal and visual extend, will enable a company to successfully reach their target groups. We help brands/startups to navigate in the digital world and develop the right communication concepts to represent their products and services successfully in the market. Through extensive research & skills, we get an understanding of the users needs and we are able to identify new communication opportunities. We encourage companies to embrace innovation and new platforms to create a brand awareness that truly delights their audience.

A brand is a lot more than the products or services you sell.
Your brand is what you stand for.

Our talents create great identities that help shapening consumers' perceptions and decision-making behaviour. A great brand aligns with your business’s larger market strategy and consumers needs. Strong brands cast a vision and communicate the unique value of the brand in a crowded marketplace. 

Visual elements and communication may change over the time but one thing must always remain the same: your brand values.

The digital revolution has launched a new era of business, society, human behaviors and generally in every aspect of our daily lives. The way we consume media and the relations we built digitally on social platforms has an extraordinary impact on consumer behaviours. It’s been proven that we often equate advice from an influencer when making purchase decisions or learning about products and services with one of our best friends. 

That’s why you can reach new audiences, increase brand trust and generate revenue for your business  with online opinion leaders.

With sensitivity we identify micro- and macro influencers, that really match your brands and products values. We see ourselves as the link between influencer and brand, accompany the creation process, manage the campaign together and thus ensure measurable results.

We handle all aspects of your influencer marketing experience, from identifying influencers, all communication and analyzing the results of each campaign.

For your brand there is hardly a more effective way to achieve awareness & social proof within your target group. We focus on authentic, long-term partnerships with people who really stand behind your brand.

content is king. brilliant content is king kong!

For realizing strong brand messages, we create content and conversations that matter to users most. Through digital channels/social media, we empower our clients to reach people and create meaningful conversations and communities.

We conceptualize and produce precious content along versatile categories like:

• photography
• videography
• illustrations
• copywriting
• editorial content 
...and other forms of expressions fitting your brand's needs.

When we are developing concepts and campaigns, we want to create great touchpoints and interaction. Experiential Marketing can therefore strengthen a lasting connection between customers and a brand.

We developed and executed several concepts from cooperations, events to pop-up stores to experience a brand, a product, a service tangible and create a meaningful bond.